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Sustainable display
Sponsored by Antalis

Climate change and other environmental problems demand an urgent and coherent response from the retail industry. Sustainable materials and design are no longer considered the inferior choice, they can enhance the in-store experience.

The judges are looking for a display that clearly pushes the boundaries to create a solution that is environmentally friendly and affordable without compromising on quality. The scheme must utilise sustainable and/or recycled materials. Demonstrate what happens to the display after life end – can it be re-used/recycled?

POP/POS concept

Demonstrate how the POP/POS display stood out amongst competitors, and how the design met the client’s brief. Did it communicate the brand and promotional message? How did you overcome specific challenges? Show results of sales uptake as a result of the POP/POS concept.

Seasonal or temporary display

A display scheme that could be installed and taken out with ease for a seasonal promotion. Demonstrate how the scheme met the brief, and what were the benefits to the retailer in terms of logistics and any in-store challenges. How did the installation reflect the brand and the promotional campaign? The scheme can be Christmas, Easter, Pride, Black Friday etc. 

Lighting design

An in-store lighting scheme that complements the brand and its products, helping to bring to life the in-store environment. Creating the mood and ambience of space with the lighting implementation.

Graphics, signage and wayfinding

Sponsored by Zest Visual Advertising

Signs and/or graphics used to create clear communication within store. Demonstrate how the project balances communicating information effectively whilst demonstrating brand values in their best light.   

Surfaces & finishes
Sponsored by Graphica Display

Demonstrate how the materials used reflect the brand's ethos and complement the interior design of the store. Why were they chosen? What do they bring to the in-store environment?

VM Scheme
Sponsored by Morplan

Does the scheme complement the brand and products on display? Show originality, creativity, storytelling and flair in visual merchandising. This category covers both windows and in-store schemes. 

Innovative Display
Sponsored by arken POP

Goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. How does the display attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making a purchase?

Omni-channel Experience

This award recognises retailers who offer a seamless Omni-channel Customer Experience by integrating various sales channels and are bridging the gap between physical and digital.  ‘In order to enter this category, one sales channel must be Physical.   


Sponsored by Kesslers London

As retail embraces transformation, technology plays a key role in-store.

Demonstrate how the technology enhances the retail store and enriches the customer experience.

Pop-up store

Pop-up retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers. Does the pop-up communicate the brand's ethos through the use of a unique and engaging physical environment while creating an immersive shopping experience? Demonstrate how the scheme pushed the boundaries for the brand, such as strong social media following and an uptake in sales.

Store-in-store or concession

A store-in-store concept or concession that stands out from the crowd. Needs to reflect the brand effectively while complementing the overall surroundings of the store.

Food, Beverage and Supermarket

Open to food retailers of all sizes, whether a supermarket or specialist store, you need to demonstrate excellence in design and layout.

Discuss any innovations such as merchandising initiatives, marketing techniques, or improvements to the instore environment.

Bar and Restaurant Design 

Bar/Restaurant fit-outs and refurbishments from within the last 12 months that deliver an inspirational environment. Demonstrate how the design and architecture enhance the F&B space, creates a unique customer experience and encourages repeat custom. 


Sponsored by NAS

An environment that shows the highest standard of shopfitting or fit-out including quality of craftsmanship and detail, all specific to budget, design and specification.  we accept entries from retail, leisure and hospitality environments.

Independent store (max 3 stores)

Sponsored by

This award highlights the value of innovative design within independent retail. Demonstrate what makes the store stand out in the community; how does it stand out amongst competitors?

Retail Experience

Moving away from store design, this award focuses on the customer experience, creating a memorable, enriching and engaging environment for shoppers. Looking at experiences that help retailers stand out against competitors, encouraging shoppers to return. This category is open to permanent and temporary stores, pop-ups and concessions.

Overall store collaboration

(supplier, designer and retailer)
Sponsored by IPOS

New stores, refurbishments or new concepts opened in the last 12 months that demonstrate clear communication and collaboration between suppliers, designers and the retailer throughout the whole design process, from planning to completion. Provide details of achievements in terms of build, finish and translating design ideas.  

Store Design of the Year

Store fit-outs and refurbishments from within the last 12 months, delivering an inspirational environment for today’s consumers. Demonstrate how the store design benefits the shopper journey throughout the space, enhances the retail brand, encourages dwell time and ultimately sales.

Leisure and Visitor Attraction

 Landlords and developers are increasingly adapting their space to accommodate a range of social entertainment venues.  From favourites such as cinemas, bingo, and bowling, new schemes have emerged such as table tennis, football, and crazy golf; all updated for the Instagram generation. Demonstrate how the design and architecture enhance the space, create a unique experience and elevate the retail location.

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